de Bien-être
à Cannes
et Antibes

En tant que masseuse de bien-être
expérimentée et certifiée,
je vous invite à profiter d’une pause
de détente, de relaxation
et d’énergie.

Masseuse à Cannes et Antibes,
je vous propose mes différents
massages comme :

Thai Yoga
Pregnant woman

Californian massage

Profitez de mon expertise
en massage de bien-être
à Cannes et Antibes

et laissez-vous guider
jusqu’à la détente psychique
grâce à la pression de mes mains
à la fois fermes et douces.

Technique relaxing massage
whose slow maneuvers, douces
et enveloppantes s’enchaînent
et s’intensifient pour soulager
les profondes tensions.

de votre séance
de massage
de relaxation

the relaxation massage
is a source of inspiration
et de paix intérieure
on the long term.
It has healing properties
and acts on several levels :

  • The spirit
  • The body
  • Emotion

Le Deep tissue

Le Deep tissue massage
or sports massage :
this deep massage usually focuses on a specific problem like muscle pain in the back, neck
and shoulder, legs.

The pressure will be stronger
and more targeted to the problem area.

Specific techniques
such as warm-ups, frictions, or even kneading the muscle with the forearm,
the elbow, fists and hands
are used to release
adhesions and promote the return to normal movement.

The benefits
sports massage

I recommend massages for athletes
for a multitude
benefits, such as :

  • The increase
    of your muscles
  • Relief
    back pain
    and legs
  • Elimination
    muscle cramps
  • The reduction
  • Avoidance
    body aches
    and tendonitis

your childbirth
in the
Alpes-Maritimes (06)

Revitalizing and toning massage

During pregnancy,
the woman will have a physical and emotional change.
Massage for pregnant women is an approach put in place to relieve discomfort
and to ensure a moment
relaxation to the pregnant woman.

As an experienced masseuse in Cannes,
I help you choose the type
massage that reacts
your pregnancy situation,
without any negative effects
on your health or that
of your baby.

A revitalizing massage
and invigorating, can soothe
the pains and bring
greater comfort.

The benefits
for pregnant women

Massages for pregnant women have so many physical and psychological benefits,
to know :

  • Make breathing easier and improve posture
  • Reduce the appearance of stretch marks
  • Relieve leg pain and back pain
  • Facilitate childbirth