& Massages
by Marie

Welcomes you to Cannes,
close to the beaches,
from the famous Croisette
and the Palais des Festivals.

I am at your service
to offer you
of the Massages
and facials
Top of the line
like the Hydrafacial®
the best Deep Tissue
or some Energy Healing
rebalancing such as
the famous Chi Nei Tsang®
of Taoist Spiritual Master Mantak Chia.


Marie Vongvay in a few words

"I had the honor of working in the most beautiful French establishments.

Backed by a successful experience at the Cap-Eden-Roc hotel, I have developed an eye for detail and my sense of listening in order to best meet your requirements.

Concerned about well-being, I have diversified my talents with talented artisans during my travels in Asia.

During my studies in the aesthetic field, I liked the well-being part, the complementarity of body and mind.

I quickly developed a great sensitivity during my first massages because I could feel a person's emotions through touch.

I understood that the body is traversed by a flow of energy and that I can direct these flows in order to calm the mind.

This is how I sought to deepen my knowledge.

My first destination was Thailand. Back to basics ...

I learned the practice of Thai massage from Thai masters. »


Marie Vongvay

My area of ​​intervention

Professional masseuse,
I also work at home, Yachts or Hotels
around Cannes
and Antibes.

For more information, feel free to Contact me !