& Massages
by Marie
at Cannes

Massage Thai, Shiatsu
and massage Chi Nei Tsang®
in the Alpes-Maritimes

The human body is composed
of a spirit, of a body and of a soul.
All must work well
so that the energy flows freely.

Inasmuch as
professional masseuse
in Cannes and Antibes,
I use the methods of :



Chi Nei Tsang®

Le Shiatsu

Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine,
Shiatsu aims to restore
the circulation of vital energy in the areas of the body.

As a masseuse,
I apply more pressure
or less strong with my thumbs, mains, elbows or fists
on energy lines
to remove blockages
and release the flow of energy.

Thai massage

This technique is inspired
of shiatsu and you yoga convenient
by Buddhist monks.

the Thai massage is founded
on IQ, an energy
which circulates along
body lines.

Poor circulation of IQ promotes stress, migraines
or muscle pain.

the Thai massage aims to release IQ in order to free the body and mind from all tensions.

During the session, I will guide you to perform the movements
of yoga and stretching necessary to circulate the energy flow in your body.

I will also stimulate
your blood circulation
by pressure on points of’acupuncture along the energy lines of your body.


The benefits
you massage Thai
et Shiatsu

  • Fights back pain
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • physical relaxation
    and psychic
  • Positive impact
    about anxiety
  • Fight against
    heavy legs
  • Improves digestion
  • Gain flexibility
  • Improved
    blood circulation

Chi Nei Tsang®

Trained by Master Mantak Chia
and his assistant Jutta Kellenberger.

Chi Nei Tsang is a technique
abdominal massage that helps
to resolve the knots of the intestinal system.

They move through
inner body chains,
the nervous system,
Blood vessels
and lymph glands.

These systems are concentrated
and cross each other in the belly
which serves as a control center.

Massage helps to balance their energies
directly in the organs.

The benefits
you massage
Chi Nei Tsang®

  • Reduces pain
    and tensions including neck and headaches
  • Improves cardiovascular circulation
  • Removes toxins
    in the cavity
    improving lymphatic drainage
  • Reduces problems
    swelling, syndrome d’irritation
    and constipation
  • Improves women's health conditions
    (menstrual problems, endometriosis)